3 Combine Parts That Can Be Used for Farming

When you are doing farm work, such as planting your crops or collecting your grain, it is important that you have the correct tools. One essential tool that can be used in almost any type of farm work is going to be a tractor. The tractor itself is essential, but it is the parts that you can attach to the tractor that really allow you to get all of the different jobs done that you need to. There are also combine parts that help to build the attachments and make them as functional as possible. This article will discuss three combine parts that can be used for farming.

Tractor Attachment Blades

When it comes to digging the lines for your crops, it is important that they are not only deep enough, but also completely straight. In order to create these lines, you can use a tractor that has an attachment on the back of it with blades that run along the ground. In order to get the right size and shape of blades that you need, you can purchase them separately as combine parts. When you find the blades that match your make and model of tractor and attachment, you can then purchase them, and they will come with all of the mounting gear that you are going to need to install them.

Rotor Flight

Another important part of farming is when you gather all of your plants and remove the grains from them; this is also known as threshing. This can all be done with a single tractor attachment, making the process much easier than it used to be. However, sometimes the grains that you are removing from the plant can get caught and will not properly feed into the main rotor. By using a rotor flight combine part on your attachment, you can help to steer the grain directly into the rotor. The curved edges of the rotor flight hold the grain in place, and its downward angle make it easy to slide into the rotor. 

Grain Drain 

When you have your grain stored in a grain tank, a great tool for unloading it is going to be an auger. This is a steel spiral attachment that attaches to the side of the grain tank and spirals the grain into a new location. A great attachment for the grain tank is a grain drain. You will place one grain drain on either side of the tank where the auger attaches to it. This protects the auger from getting grain stuck in it and stops you from having to climb into the grain tank to clean the auger and remove the stuck grain. 

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