Extend The Life Of Your Mower Deck By Treating It With Graphite Coating

Investing in a good lawn mower will help you keep up with this year's yard work. If you take care of the mower, you'll get many, many years out of it before you should even have to consider replacing it. One thing that you can do to ensure that your mower lasts as long as it can is to undercoat the deck with a graphite coating. Here, you'll learn how to do just that.

Select the Graphite Coating

When coating your mower deck, you'll have lots of options of what to use. One of the best coatings you can opt for is graphite coating. It is used to protect farm and industrial equipment from corrosion.

Once your mower deck is coated with the graphite coating, the grass, dirt, and leaves will not stick to the underside of the deck as badly as it does now. It creates a non-stick like coating that allows the grass and debris to fall off, so it doesn't stick and keep all of that moisture on the deck until it's been cleaned.

How to Undercoat the Mower Deck

Step 1: Read the owner's manual to learn how to remove the deck properly.

Step 2: Remove the mower deck.

Step 3: Pressure wash the mower deck as best you can to remove all of the dirt and debris stuck to the surface.

Step 4: Use a wire brush to remove the rust and rough spots from the surface.

Step 5: Rinse the deck and lay it in the sun to dry fully.

Step 6: Lay newspaper or an old tarp out to lay the mower deck on to protect the surface from overspray.

Step 7: Read the instructions on the graphite coating label. Spray the coating evenly across the surface. Don't spray it heavily or you'll get runs that take a long time to dry.

Step 8: Wait 24 hours and apply a second coat.

Step 9: Put the mower deck back on.

Now that you have coated the underside of the mower deck with the graphite coating, all you'll need to do to prevent rust from forming is take a minute after you mow to spray the underside of the mower deck. Do this at least once each week if you can't do it each time you mow. The longer the debris is allowed to remain on the underside of the deck, the more likely it is for rust to begin forming.

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